Thomson Reuters Practical Law: Establishing a business in South Africa

Authors: Jackie Peart, and Doctor Cithi

Services: Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Employment, and Andersen Tax

This guide provides an overview of the key issues in establishing a business in South Africa, including an introduction to the legal system; the available business vehicles and their applicable formalities; corporate governance structures and requirements; foreign investment incentives and restrictions; currency regulations; and tax and employment issues.

In this guide, Thomson Reuters Practical Law: Establishing a business in South Africa, we look at:

  • The basis of South Africa's legal system
  • Main forms of business vehicle used in our jurisdiction
  • Common options for foreign companies establishing a business presence
  • Forming a private company
  • Financial or tax reporting required
  • Statutory trading disclosure and publication requirements
  • Membership and shareholders
  • Minimum capital requirements
  • Shareholders and voting rights
  • Conditions or restrictions in specific industry sectors
  • General restrictions or requirements on the appointment of directors
  • Legal requirements for the composition of a company's board of directors
  • Re-registering as a public company
  • Business and company taxes
  • Grants and tax Incentives
  • Employment and Labour law
  • Proposals for reform

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