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The retail sector has had to confront momentous changes in recent years. These include increased consumer power and the rapid growth of e-commerce and the power of social media to make or break a brand. These changes have forced manufacturers, distributors and retailers to adapt rapidly and sometimes radically. Relationships with customers, suppliers and landlords have had to be re-evaluated, and contracts re-negotiated to accommodate the changes.

The consumer and retail industry has undergone significant transformation in recent years, driven by evolving consumer preferences and the dynamic landscape of commerce. Our Corporate and Commercial Law Firm understands the unique challenges faced by businesses in this sector and offers tailored legal expertise to navigate the ever-changing terrain.

The consumer and retail sector has been a witness to remarkable shifts, from the emergence of new consumer behaviours to the digital revolution. As businesses strive to remain competitive and relevant, our team is dedicated to providing strategic legal support that empowers your growth and success.

Consumer & Retail Industry Expertise

  • Supply and Distribution Agreements: We facilitate seamless supply chain operations through expertly crafted agreements that protect your interests and ensure efficient distribution.
  • Franchising and Licensing: Our expertise guides you through the complexities of franchising and licensing, whether you're expanding your brand nationally or internationally.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: We offer strategic counsel in mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, ensuring smooth transitions and optimised outcomes.
  • Product Labelling: Compliance with labelling regulations is essential. Our team ensures your products meet legal requirements while effectively communicating with consumers.
  • Consumer Protection and Consumer Credit: We navigate the intricacies of consumer protection laws and consumer credit, safeguarding your business and consumer relationships.
  • Electronic Transactions: As e-commerce thrives, we provide guidance on electronic transacting, data privacy, and cybersecurity, ensuring secure and compliant online operations.
  • Product Liability Claims: In the event of product liability claims, our experienced team supports you in managing risks, resolving disputes, and protecting your reputation.
  • Lease Negotiations and Disputes: We offer expert assistance in lease negotiations and resolution of lease-related disputes, ensuring favourable outcomes for both retailers and landlords.
  • Brand and Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguard your brand through our intellectual property expertise, encompassing trademark protection, copyright, and design rights.
  • Competition Law: Our team advises on compliance with the Competition Act, addressing matters such as prohibited practices, excessive pricing, territorial restrictions, and exclusive supply agreements.

With a deep understanding of the consumer and retail landscape, our legal professionals are committed to enabling your business to thrive. We recognise the importance of adaptable legal solutions that align with your business objectives, and we are dedicated to providing guidance that empowers you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.


  • Advised a global holding company with investments in a diverse range of retailer on an international offering of shares for cash
  • Advised a major diverse retailer on various acquisitions and disposals
  • Representing major retail and supermarket chains in connection with diverse employment-related disputes
  • Advising numerous global and local businesses, in diverse industries including food and hospitality, personal care, automotive and education, in regard to the establishment of franchise networks and the relevant contractual and regulatory issues
  • Advising and representing manufacturers and suppliers of packaging, apparel and food and beverages in protecting their brands and designs against trademark infringement, ambush marketing and counterfeiting
  • Advising a manufacturer and distributor of various products in the beauty industry in connection with reviewing distribution agreements from international companies and disputes in connection with them, and drafting distribution agreements for local and international use

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